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Sending Media Files | Telegram Bot Development in Bots.business

Hello friends, welcome to your technostone.xyz, here you will get to see related posts or articles of telegram and many more programs.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can send the file to your Telegram bot, which means if a user wants an image, then how will the Telegram bot send the image to him.

We will learn this through the Telegram bot hosted at bot.business. How can you send files from your Telegram bot to the bot user?

What Is Bots.business?

bots.business is a hosting company. Here you can host your Telegram bot. And at the same time, this website/app also helps us to develop a Telegram bot. It has its own editor for coding only and you can host many telegram bots in it. bots.business has its own coding language named bot JavaScript. Which we call BJS in short. It’s very simple and simple

How To Sending Media Files Telegram Bot

It has many APIs to send files from the Telegram bot. It has a separate API for all formats. For example, there is a separate API for audio, video, and photo. ETC u can Easily use send media file telegram API.
I have found all the APIs for bots.business below you can copy-paste from there

1: Send Image/Photo File

For Copy Click On Copy Code

Api.sendPhoto({ photo: "You Image Link", caption: "your Image is he

2: Send Audio File

For Share Audio Files

Api.sendAudio({ audio: "Your Audio Link", caption: "Your Music Is Here"})

3: Send Video File

Api.sendVideo({ video: "Your Video Link", caption: "Your video Is Here"})

4: Send Document File

Api.sendDocument({ chat_id: user.telegramid, document: "your Document Link", caption: "description"})

Here I have given only an example of 4. There are many other simple APIs that can be useful to you. Which will bill you the website of Telegram official API below, you can do all the APIs by visiting it. Telegram Official API – https://core.telegram.org/bots/api



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