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TextPro.me API Source Code


The TextPro.me REST API is a versatile text editing API This API allows you to perform a variety of text operations, such as adding special effects, changing fonts, and converting text to different formats. The TextPro.me API is easy to use.

  • Easy To Deploy
  • All Theme Available From textpro.me
  • Easy To Use

Language: NodeJS


The textpro.me logo maker REST API allows developers to programmatically generate custom logos using a variety of fonts, icons, and design templates.

  • Anywhere you can use (telegram bots, own custom website, whatsapp bots, discord bots)
  • Fast Speed For making logo.
  • Deploy anywhere (Heroku, Vercel , railways, Vps)
  • All Textpro.me Theme Available
  • Editable

Some Examples for Request in NodeJS.


var axios = require("axios").default;    var options = {    method: 'POST',    url: 'http://localhost:8080/api',// Your Deployment Url    headers: {Authorization: 'TechnoStone'}, // customize Your own key in Code    data: {      text: ['hello', 'good'], // text you want      theme: 'https://textpro.me/create-3d-liquid-metal-text-effect-1112.html' // More theme you get from textpro.me    }  };  axios.request(options).then(function (response) {    console.log(response.data);  }).catch(function (error) {    console.error(error);  });      

Response From Server

{    "status": true,    "logo": "https://textpro.me/images/user_image/2023/03/6410380deaf63.jpg",    "Thanks": "Thank You For using Support On Youtube https://youtube.com/technostone"  }

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