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How To Make Own Instagram Downloader Rest API

This article we are going to tell you how you can make Instagram downloader rest API. That too in very easy steps.

What Is Instagram Rest API

Must about REST API or RESTful API, there are many simple things that do with the help of Rest API. There is some information which we can get from Rest API. Meaning that without using much data, they can do all the work that you do by visiting the website. Meaning that if want any data from any website and do not want to visit that site, then can use Rest API. There are many websites that make and provide the official REST API. But there are some websites in which there is no such system. Developers launch Private Rest API for such website. As in today we are going to tell you how you can make your own Instagram Rest API.

The Instagram Downloader Rest API is used for downloading in a way. You must have noticed that you cannot download any video photos or reels from Instagram. But with the help of some such apps or websites, you can download them. These are made by using some similar code in the app or website. Downloader RESTful API also helps to download Instagram photos, videos and reels in a similar way, in which get data in the format of json response.

Why Use Instagram Downloader Rest API

There are many benefits of using Instagram Downloader API, such as you can create Instagram downloader apps with its help, or you can create Instagram downloader website, in the same way you can also create Instagram downloader telegram bot, which we told you earlier in an article. I was told

How To Get Instagram Downloader API Source Code

How To Deploy Insta Downloader Rest API

After getting the Instagram Downloader API source code, the first thing to do is to upload the source code to GitHub.

After uploading Insta downloader rest API source code there are few things which you have to edit like to enter Instagram session cookie in source code. With the help of which you can use Instagram Rest API.

How To Get Instagram Session Cookie

  1. First Make New Chrome Account For separate Instagram Session cookie
  2. Now Login Temporary Instagram Account For Session cookie
  3. Right Click on Anywhere in Page And Click on ` INSPECT `
  • Now Navigate to the application tab
  • Find the “Cookies” tab And choose Instagram.com
  • Double-click on the “sessionid” cookie value to Get the full sessionid

How To Add Session Cookie In Source Code

Open Code Don`t Have code click here

upload on GitHub and open index.js file

Find Session And Replace With Your

How To Connect Rest API source code To Heroku Server

  1. Make Account on Heroku.com
  2. Make New App
  3. Click on Deploy To Connect GitHub. Choose GitHub
  4. Now Search Instagram Downloader Rest API Repo. And Click Connect
  5. Click On Manually Deploy
  6. Done.

How To Use Insta Downloader Rest API

Once deployed, the REST API is fully ready to use. Now the question is how to use it. So it is very easy, many rest API have get and post method here in Instagram downloader rest API we are going to use get method here we run script by taking data from query which means Instagram video or photo You have to put the link you want to download in a query after your server URL.

like example : yourAppUrl/api/ig/?url=yourInstagramVideoUrl

full Url : https://myapp.herokuapp.com/api/ig/?url=https://www.instagram.com/p/CRPz6YLpMg1/

Here the get method will be used, as soon as there is a request on this url, then you will get to see the response like below

{ "media_type":2, "code":200, "file":"https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t50.2886-16/228980290_564077851626771_3663331850507717056_n.mp4?efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhXJsZ2VuLjcyMC5jbGlwcy5kZWZhdWx0IiwicWVfZ3Jvdf7ba" }

If get Error show response like below

{ "code": 400, "msg": "Something Wrong Invalid Link" }

Now Done Use this Instagram Downloader API Anywhere You Need.

How To Use Instagram Profile Scrapper Rest API

Deploying it same like Instagram download rest API. After deployment, there are some endpoints that can be changed by changing it.

make URL like this example : yourAppUrl/api/ig/get/?user=yourusername

full URL : https://myapp.herokuapp.com/api/ig/get/?user=technostoneyt

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