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Instagram downloader tool – Instagram Reels Downloader Rest Api

 Hello friends, how are you doing? You will probably have a lot of information about social media, which means in today’s digital age, who does not know what social media is? There are many such things that are becoming possible from social media and many more new features have been added to social media. There are many such social media platforms that are used by people all over the world. Out of these few social media platforms, today we will talk about Instagram, and how to download Instagram photos and videos.

As you must have heard Instagram that it is a social media platform, here we can share photos and videos of daily life. Which we like to post and we can do many other simple things on Instagram, such as online marketing and affiliate marketing, we can do all the money-earning things on Instagram. So here you do not need to give much information, we think related to Instagram. But still, there were some such points that we have told you and there are some other things which we want to tell you that now you can also create reels on Instagram like you used to do it on Tiktok and upload videos on it. Used to do, it is now made in India, now this feature is present on Instagram you can use it

Instagram downloader tool – Instagram Downloader Rest API

You must know that there are many types of Telegram bots also available that help you to download Instagram photos and there are many tool websites that help you to download Instagram photo videos, here you will find something like this. He is going to teach you how to create tool and telegram boat, which you can create your own Instagram Reels downloader tool by yourself.

First of all, let us tell you that all this control will be on an Instagram Photo downloader Rest API, meaning that when that Rest API is in downtime, then you cannot use this tool to do it. Which is very sad but for that we have a solution for you if you want you can contact us

Now let us tell you what is that Instagram Video Downloader API and how to do it

Like all REST APIs, this is also a common REST API that we have created ourselves. If you do not want to buy this then we can give it to you.

How To Use Instagram Photo/Reels downloader Rest API


Parameters For Instagram Downloader (its Beta V)

Public Endpoint- https://stone-insta.vercel.app/api/ig/
Parameters Description
url Your Video/photo url (Only Public Profile)

How To Make Instagram Downloader Telegram Bot On Bots.business

We have created many telegram bots which are hosted on bots.business, if you don’t know how to do it
After reading all this, you will know how to do bots.business well, after that you just paste the code below

Command 1

Command Name : /start
Answer: Hey I`m Simple Instagram Downloader Bot. Just Press /down and send link u want to download from Instagram (only public profile links)

Command 2

Command Name: /down
Answer: Send Instagram photo/Reels Link
Wait For Answer: True
BJS (BotJavaScript)
Bot.sendMessage("Please Wait Your Media loading") HTTP.get({ url: "https://stone-insta.vercel.app/api/ig/?url="+message+"", success: "/ondone" })

Command 3

Command Name: /ondone
BJS (BotJavaScript)
var stone = JSON.parse(content) var vp = stone.its var word = stone.code var link = stone.file  if (vp==1){ Api.sendVideo({video: ""+link+"", caption: "*⏳ Video Generated By @"+bot.name+"*", parse_mode: "markdown"})  }else{ Api.sendPhoto({photo: ""+link+"", caption: "*⏳ Photo Generated By @"+bot.name+"*", parse_mode: "markdown"}) }
is the right Code with the help of which you can create telegram bot. If you want to make Telegram bot in any other coding language, then you can do it through Use the Instagram Downloader rest  API given in the simple page.



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