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How to Make Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Hd Telegram Bot With Bots.business

Hello friends how are you? Today I am going to learn how to make a youtube thumbnail downloader telegram bot. which is very easy and also simple.

Simple means just copy-pasting and nothing else as you must have seen our other posts related to the Telegram bot. If you are already on our site, you must know that we post related posts on the Telegram bot and teach you.

What is Youtube Thumbnail

YouTube How long have you been taking it in and you must have known what a YouTube thumbnail is. Still, let us tell that a YouTube thumbnail is an image that we see before watching a YouTube video. Which we have seen the first impression that whether to watch the video or not means that by looking at that Youtube Thumbnail, we can guess what the video is built on.

What is Telegram Bot

All right, let’s start by the beginning. So let’s start by perhaps taking a look first conceptually at what a telegram bot is. And first of all, let’s even go back a little bit. And let’s talk about what telegram is in the first place. telegram is a messaging app that is designed for cell phones mostly. And if you’re familiar with WhatsApp, telegram is basically very similar has very similar functionality to WhatsApp. Telegram has a very cool function which is a bot. Telegram bot means that a robot runs on the command of the key. For example, by typing the command, I will get the file for which I have typed this command.

How To Make YouTube Thumbnail Downloader 2021 Telegram Bot

Below is given you step by step process of how to make the Best Youtube Thumbnail Downloader bot. 

Before telling the steps, if you tell you that you do not understand, then you can subscribe to our YouTube channel or you can learn how to make Telegram bot through simple videos.

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Step 1: First You Need To Make Youtube Thumbnail Downloader 1080p.  Bots.business App/Website. And Register On Bots.Business App/website.

Step 2: Open Telegram And Search @botfather. And Create Bot Username In BotFather

Step 3: Connect Telegram Bot To Bots.business(App/website).

Step 4: Install Some Lib On You Bot With Bots Business. (Like: ResourcesLib,commonLib,Random)

Step 5: Now Copy Some Command On Your Bot With Bots Business.

Step 6: You Need Youtube Channel Thumbnail Downloader Telegram Bot BJS Code Watch Video

Command 1:

Command Name: /start

BJS Code

var button = [[{title:"📚 BJS Code",url:""},{title:"🎬 Tutorial",url:"https://youtu.be/MVuaSElESXs"}],
[{title:"❤️ Share",url:"https://t.me/share/url?text=please joinn@PR_robotsn"},{title:"🛡 Official Channel",url:"https://t.me/PR_robots"}],
[{title:"Download Thumbnail",command:"/ytDown"}]]
Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(button , "🤖 Bot Name   :- Youtube Thumbnail Downloadernn〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️n✏️ Description :- Download youtube Hd quality Thumbnail for free. This Bot let you download thumbnails of Hd quality. Just paste And Send URL of the thumbnail video and Get Thumbnail Imagen〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️")
Command 2:
Command Name: /ytDown
Answer: *Send Youtube Video Link*
Wait For answer: True

var myMainSite = message
function validURL(url) {
  var regex = /(?:https?:/{2})?(?:w{3}.)?youtu(?:be)?.(?:com|be)(?:/watch?v=|/)([^s&]+)/
  return regex.test(url)
if (validURL(message)) {
if (message.includes("https://youtu.be")) {
var splitUrl = myMainSite.split('/');

var button = [[{text : "🌐 Open In Browser" , url : "https://img.youtube.com/vi/" +splitUrl[3]+ "/maxresdefault.jpg"}]]
Api.sendPhoto({ photo: "https://img.youtube.com/vi/" +splitUrl[3]+ "/maxresdefault.jpg", caption: "*Your Thumbnail Here n ©️@PR_robots*" ,
  reply_markup: { inline_keyboard: button }, 
parse_mode: "Markdown"})

if (message.includes("https://www.youtube.com")) {
var splitUrl = myMainSite.split('=');

var button = [[{text : "🌐 Open In Browser" , url : "https://img.youtube.com/vi/" +splitUrl[1]+ "/maxresdefault.jpg"}]]
Api.sendPhoto({ photo: "https://img.youtube.com/vi/" +splitUrl[1]+ "/maxresdefault.jpg", caption: "*Your Thumbnail Here n ©️@PR_robots*" ,
  reply_markup: { inline_keyboard: button }, 
parse_mode: "Markdown"})

else {
  Bot.sendMessage("Wrong URLnExample : `https://youtu.be/YqtyXbQazCo`")

Now, All Ready Open Telegram And Search Your Bot and Start.

How to Use Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Telegram Bot

You can EasilyYoutube Thumbnail Download from URL On Telegram
Step 1: Open Telegram And Search Your Bot Username (like @Youtubethumbnaildownloader_robot) This Is My Bot
Step 2: Now Start YT Video Thumbnail Downloader Bot
Step 3: Click On Download Thumbnail
Step 4: Send a Youtube Video link You Want to Download Thumbnail.
Now Easly Send Your Image Youtube Video Thumbnail Downloader Telegram Bot.
You Don’t Understand Must Watch the Below Video And Do subscribe If U like This.


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