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How to Make UserInfo Telegram Bot With Bots Business Codes

 Hello and welcome, in this website you will get to see many articles related to tech here. New apps are being launched every day. With the help of which many tasks will be easy and easy, in this digital world.

So today I have brought such an app for you, with the help of which you can create a Telegram bot. There was an article written earlier on this site, read about this app.

We have brought you here related articles of Telegram. You must know that you must have seen many bots in Telegram. To create it, you should have knowledge of coding. languages like python and javascript. If you have not come across all this, then you will be taught it on our site. Here many codes will be available for free, with the help of which you will learn to create simple  Telegram bots.

Today we are going to use Bots.Business android application here to create a telegram bot. If you do not know what is bb application then touch here

What Is Telegram UserInfo Bot

 Telegram UserInfo Bot you can extract User information like USER ID, USERNAME, USER FULL NAME, And Some Basic Detail.

How To Create Telegram Userinfo Bot

5 things required to create Telegram  userinfo bot

  1. Telegram App And Account
  2. Bots Business App  And Account
  3. Bot API Key 
  4. Bot Codes  
  5. Skills


All bot codes step by step are given below so that there is no problem in copy-pasting, follow all the steps given below

Step For Make userinfo Telegram Bot 

Step 1: First open the Telegram app. From there generate your bot’s API token. If not, then read the article given below
Step 2: After the API token is generated, login to the Bots.business Application. if Don’t Have Bots.Business Account
Step 3: Click On the NEW BOT button


Step 4: Then Copy API Token Key From Bot Father, Paste API Token Key In Input Bar And Click On Create Button


Step 5: Now Your Bot Connected To Bots.Business Application Server You Can Install Some Useful Libs For Your UserInfo Telegram Bot. ( Like- Common Libs, Random Libs, Resources Libs)
Step 6: Install Libs In Bot. Click On Left Three Line Open BotsBusiness Menu. Now Click on the Libs option. Now You see Many Bot Libs you can install only Common Libs, Random Libs, Resources Libs. Click On View Button. then open New page Click On Install Button And Select Your Bot You want to Install Libs Now done.
Step 7: After Step 6 Done Launch Your Bot. 
Step 8: Add /start Command  For Telegram UserInfo  Bot. Click on Command Icon. And Press New Command Button. Now Enter Command Name /start


Step 9: After Entering Command Name Click On EDIT BJS And Paste Below Code In BJS. And Save It.
Command Name /start
var buttons = [[{ title: "✅ Join Official Channel ✅", url: "https://t.me/PR_bots_update" }],[{ title: "Help & Support", url: "https://t.me/prbotssupport" }]]
Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(buttons, "*Hey "+user.first_name+"n🎊 Welcome To User Info Bot 🎊n I`m Simple User Info Bot Just Forward You Massage To Me I Will Provide information About Your Massage *")
Step 10: Add Another New Command Name ( * ) Only Star. Then Click On Edit Bjs And Paste Below Code And Save.
Command Name *

if (!request.forward_from) {
var buttons = [[{ title: "✅ Join Official Channel ✅", url: "https://t.me/PR_robots" }]]
Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(buttons, "*✅ Your Infomation Below nn 🤴🏻 First Name : "+user.first_name+"nn👨‍👩‍👦 Last Name : "+user.last_name+"nn 🆔 User Id : "+user.telegramid+"nn 👓 User Name : @"+user.username+" nn 🔠 Language Code : "+user.language_code+"*")
var id = request.forward_from.id
var uname = request.forward_from.last_name
var yname = request.forward_from.username
var name = request.forward_from.first_name
var lcode = request.forward_from.language_code
var buttons = [[{ title: "✅ Join Official Channel ✅", url: "https://t.me/PR_robots" }]]
Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(buttons, "✅ * User Infomation Below nn 🤴🏻 First Name : "+name+"nn👨‍👩‍👦 Last Name : "+uname+"nn 🆔 User Id : "+id+"nn 👓 User Name : @"+yname+" nn 🔠 Language Code : "+lcode+"n*")
Step 11: Now Open Telegram App And Search Your Bot User Name And Its Working.
If Any Problem To Creating Telegram Userinfo Bot Must watch This Video For Better learning.


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