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How To Make Instagram Profile Information Finder Telegram Bot | Instagram Api

Hello friends, welcome to another interesting article, in today’s article, we are going to tell you in this article how you can create an Instagram Profile Information Finder Telegram bot. It will be hosted on bots.business. If you want to do it using any other hosting server or any other programming language, then you can also create that very easily.

How To Create Instagram profile viewer Telegram Bot

Here I will provide you an Instagram API with the help of which you can easily fetch the details of Instagram profile.

For example, today I am going to host a telegram bot on bots.business, if you do not know what bots.business is then you can read the post given below.

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If you have read the above post and you know how to host Telegram bot bots.business then follow the steps given below

How To Make Find Instagram user information Telegram Bot

Step: 1

Create Bot On Botfather. Don`t Know How To Create bot on botfather Read Below Article

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Step: 2

Connect Your Botfather bot to Bots.business

Step: 3

Now Copy Below Codes And And Command To Make Instagram Info Finder Telegram Bot

Command: 1

Command Name: /insta
Answer : *📚 Enter Instagram Username To Get Instagram Account Details n✅ For Example: technostoneyt*
Wait For Answer: True
BJS Code


Bot.sendMessage("Details Finding Please Wait Upto 5-10sec....")
        url: "https://stone-insta.vercel.app/api/ig/stal?user="+message+"",
success: "/stone"


For Password Watch Below Video

Command: 2

Command Name: /stone
BJS Code:

var stone = JSON.parse(content)
var un = stone.code
if (un=="200") {
var off = stone.code
var frw = stone.data.follower
var frr = stone.data.following
var bio = stone.data.bio
var Name = stone.data.fullname
var pic = stone.data.profilehd
var fo = stone.data.timeline
var pr = stone.data.private
var vr = stone.data.verified
var vd = stone.data.videotimeline
var sd = stone.data.savedmedia
var data =
  "*☃️ Instagram Account Info Findednn👤 Fullname*: " + Name +"n*📤 Followers*: " +frw + " n*📥 Following*: " +  frr +  "n*🖼 Posts*: " +  fo +  "n*🖲 Private:*: " +  pr +  "n*✅ Verified:*: " +  vr +  "n*🎥 IGTV:*: " +  vd +  "n*💾 Saved:*: " +  sd +  "n*📌 Profile Photo*: [Click Here](" +  pic +  ")n*☣️ Bio*: n" +  bio +  " "
  Api.sendPhoto({ photo: pic, caption: data, parse_mode: "markdown" })
} else {
  Bot.sendMessage("*No User Found*")

This code will work only in bots.business if you want to put it in any of your other code, you can tell us in the comment below, we will help you means if you have to do it in any other language then you can tell us He has to do this in this language, for that you can contact us on telegram – Contact Us



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