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How to make auto logo Telegram Bot On Bots.business

 Hello, friends today I am going to tell you that you are like an auto logo maker bot that to bots.business app p. You must have heard many places if you have not heard about bots. Business, then let me tell you this is a web/app which we use for hosting Telegram bot. Meaning that the file that we do for it is hosted on bots.business.

Telegram Logo Maker bot is an auto logo-making bot. This means you simply will make its logo ready for you by designing selected by its violence.

Today I am going to tell about this how you can Telegram Logo Maker Bot.

How To Create Telegram Logo Maker Bot

First of all, if you want to create bots on bots.business and then you can read the article given below.

After that comes another part which is to create the username of the bot on Telegram, if you do not know that too, then you can read the article below.
Now everything is ready you will get only a few commands you just have to copy-paste it in your bots.business app.
Here you will find some API’s which keep changing every month, so I hope you keep it in mind and stay connected on our telegram channel.

How To Create Logo Maker Telegram Bot 

Here you will get separate code for 11 logos which means you will get 11 logos API separately which you will have to add in bots.business. For example, if you want to generate the Flower logo, then you have to enter the code Flower.

Command 1

Make Your Autologo Bot Menu For All Logo Design

Command 2

Command Name: /logo
Make Command For all design
Answer : *Send Text To Make Logo*
Wait For Answer: True
Bot.sendMessage("*Your Logo Making It Can Take 5-6s*") var key = User.getProperty("apikey") var image = "https://text.prgujju.com/api/10?theme=glue&key="+key+"&text="+message+""

// get your design from visit https://bit.ly/technostone
Api.sendPhoto({ photo: image, caption: "*🔩 Your Logo Genereated\n\n☆ Genereated By : @"+bot.name+"*", parse_mode: "markdown" })

Command 3

Command Name: /apiupdate
Answer: *Send New Api Get Api From* @rarecodes
Wait For Answer: True
User.setProperty("apikey", message, "string") Bot.sendMessage("*✅ Your Api Key* "+message+"")

Command 4

Command Name: /key ( Make This Command Name Safe)
var token = User.getProperty("apikey") if( token == undefined ){ Bot.sendMessage("❌ APIKEY Not Set setup now /apiupdate") }else{ Bot.sendMessage("*✅ Your Api Token Key* n`"+token+"`") }
You can see this above, I have put some code, in command 1, if you want to create any of the newly given logos, then some changes will have to be done in the code which you will get in the below example

Telegram Logo Bot List



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