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How to Create Bots.Business Account | What Is Bots.Business

If you are a Telegram user, then you probably know what bot is. Have you ever wondered how it is made? Do not know if this article is for you only. Telegram bots are operated by Artificial Intelligence. Meaning this automatic work is done by our order.

If you do Telegram, then you must have done it to many Telegram bots. You also think how do you do this work? Bots.Business, is an app/website with the help of which you can create your own Telegram bot. You need a little bit of JavaScript to create a bot. No JavaScript is used to create a bot in Bots.Business, They have their own Programing language called bot javascript(BJS).

How To Create Account In Bots.Business

Basic Requirements

  1. Email, Gmail Address
  2. Strong Password
Step 1 – To create a Bots.Business account you do not need to feel much from it. You can create an account with a simple Email Address.  If it is to create an account on a laptop or computer, then open the Bots.Business website. If you want to do this on Android phones, you will have to download the app from here. Download Bots.Business
Step 2 – Open The Bots.Business App or Bots.Business Website. Go to Register Page And Simply Enter Your Email Address And Strong Password And  Click Register Button.

Now Done Your Bots.Business Successfully Created. Start Your Bot With Bots.Business

Benefits Of Bots.Business

  • You do not need to learn coding with BJS
  • We have a wealth of experience: mobile application development, server applications, and, of course, bot development
In Bot Business, you will find many bots to learn, all types of bots are possible. to learn. With the help of the bot given in the example, you can create your own bot.

IN BB Store Example Bots



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